Our Story

The Onondaga Commons Urban Revitalization Initiatives are the continuance of a series of public/private investment efforts in the southend of the Near Westside of Syracuse beginning in 1978. These nationally recognized and award winning efforts have worked to rehabilitate several abandoned and severely neglected properties. These properties have been transformed into a vibrant community for health and human service businesses and organizations. Over the years, many government, non-profit and for profit organizations have enjoyed tenancy at Onondaga Commons. All have provided services to neighborhood residents, employed them or both. Onondaga Commons arose from the abandoned and deteriorating Kane & Roach foundry, and 5 other adjacent and abandoned structures. The 5+ acre campus has been home to over 400+ full time jobs with employers like the areaʼs largest ambulance and paramedic service, a county health clinic, and the areaʼs only day care facility. A number of other longstanding tenants have provided additional critical services to support the health and human service needs of the community.


Onondaga Commons offers a Near Westside location with over 60,000 sq. ft. of leasable space and over four acres of surface parking. It is affordable space and, as tenants will testify, Onondaga Commons enjoys a longstanding reputation for personal safety and security. If you are in need of small suites, an entire floor of already built out private offices, large or small spaces suitable for employee cubicles, inside vehicle storage or warehousing space, Onondaga Commons may have a near perfect fit for your organization. All inclusive rents are available. In addition, common area expenses such as dumpsters, buildings and grounds maintenance, insurance and snow removal are shared with other tenants to reduce occupancy costs for each individual tenant. Janitorial and light maintenance services are available from our full-time buildings superintendent. Onondaga Commons over many years has integrated numerous types of health and human service organizations that have positively impacted the immediate neighborhood and the community at large. They have been for profit public companies, small family businesses, government programs, and non-profit agencies, seeking and finding collaborations that have lead to creative solutions while saving money. Consider joining this community of partners.