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a different kind
of restaurant

Starting a restaurant is tough. Hours are long. Margins are short.

Ah, but... we have some determined, talented people living in our city. They’ve got a dream. And they intuitively understand how a restaurant can be a beacon for a neighborhood, a place to find comfort— or try new things.

We’re here to help.

Our Mission

Everyone here is a student in OCC Workforce Development. This is our classroom. We built a curriculum that teaches what employers need most. Pair classroom time with real experience in a live restaurant. Keep students only until they can demonstrate full competency. Return to employers with great candidates. Everybody wins.


our menu

Our current menu features cusines inspired by Pakistan. Every 6 months we’ll incubate a new Restaurateur in Residence with a new national cuisine. You’ll see both traditional dishes and reinterpreted dishes so we can teach the full range of culinary skills our students need to succeed. Whatever the cuisine, whatever the lesson, it will always be cooked with love.

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OCC’s Food Service Management Program has been funded under a 2.5M United States Department of Labor TAACCCT Grant whose purpose is to facilitate greater employment by improving workforce education. This program is an equal opportunity program; auxiliary aids are available upon request to individuals.